28 January, 2020, 23:37


Tips for Greening your Meeting

Greener Meetings: Why They Are a Must Now & Tips to Produce Them

With the next generation of meeting planners and attendees raised on the mantra of “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” greener…

A Page from “The Banquet Playbook”: How to Build a F&B Experience Attendees Won’t Ever Forget

“The days of crockpots on a table and linens with ruffles are gone,” says Patrick Berwald. “Long gone.” He…

A keynote speaker at C2 Montreal

The Fine Art of “Festivalizing” Meetings and Events

Out with the old and in with the interactive – festivalization doesn’t just attract attendees to an event, it…

Fresh Icebreaker Exercises to Kick Off Your Next Conference or Meeting

5 Fresh – Not Awkward – Icebreaker Exercises to Kick Off Your Next Conference or Meeting

“We’re going to begin with an icebreaker.” If you just instantly rolled your eyes at the thought of hearing…

beautiful banquet food

Building the Ultimate Banquet Menu Based on the Top F&B Trends for 2020

What do CBD oil, jackfruit, and sparkling water all have in common? They’re all part of the

10 Rules for Hosting Hyper-Productive Meetings

How many of us have encountered one of the following scenarios in just the last week? Someone shows up…

5 Meetings Tips to Manage Remote Workers

A growing number of companies are embracing a remote workforce, and it’s easy to understand why – increased flexibility…